Hello there Amanda age 36 here from Spruce Grove, AB I grew up just outside of Stony Plain, AB with my 3 siblings and two very hard working parents.. I am a regular person with a grade 10 education. 

I went though many years of working and not getting paid much, I got married and had my two beautiful girls 10 & 6. 

Have worked full time and have lost out on so much with them growing up. My husband has worked out of town since our first daughter was born , gone 28 days and home for maybe 4 days if we were lucky, not much of a family or married life! 

He hasn’t been around much for our two daughters and has missed on birthday, dance recitals, Xmas concerts, thanksgivings all the big things in life! 

I stumbled across a page just like this on Facebook and put my email and name in and hit submit! 

I haven't looked back since it's changed our life's. 
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Amanda Tokarek